eQuadriga has dedicated itself to provide innovation, cutting edge technology, and 360 degree development and maintenance to exceed our customer’s expectation. We establish a long-term relationship with our clients and provide them various competitive advantages through our seamless services. We target their needs, and provide them the precise comprehensive IT solution with latest technologies of the industry, we also include several value addition projects to benefit our client’s success in their business. Our eye for details and the commitment to deliver on time, and the constant pursuit to attain high global standards have marked us a special place in the minds of our customers. Our extensive market research helps us to analyze the demands of the growing global scenario and inspires us to cater both our local and international clients across all verticals.


We enhance the soaring business development of our customers by constantly supporting them through our team of young and dynamic team of staffs. We are equipped with various experienced subject matter experts to guide our team and support them in their growth. We constantly enrich our staff with technical excellence and enhance their inter personnel skills. Our intuitive methodology, and learning and sharing methods, helps our staff to interact and exchange knowledge and ideas with themselves and to enhance as successful individuals and team players. The dynamism and distinct knowledge through the constant hard work are translated into successful projects, and are always delivered with efficiency and accurate timeline.



Our vision is to be the most preferred destination to render “One Stop Solution” in IT industry for the design, development and maintenance of projects and products. We are targeted to set the benchmark of international standards, and serve firms and organizations of small, mid and startup firms across the globe.



We are targeted to excel the expectation of our customers across various firms and industries. We strive constantly to provide a long-term customer relationship. We encourage and motivate our employees to build a highly energetic working environment.



We are a value-centric organization, with the prime motto of generating a positive environment for our partners, customers and employees. We are equal opportunity company, and believe the parity in gender, caste, creed and nationality. We enhance our employee’s skill and promote dynamism.


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