eQDocument Management System

eQDMS is a boon to the firms, professionals, corporates and industries handling enormous data of various formats. Migrate from the traditional method of data handling through manual process to a comprehensive DMS (Data Management System) which not only performs creation, retrieval, capturing, indexing, archiving and retrieving document of various formats, but also has features to provide security to the documents, allows version control and provides validation. Integrating the document with applications and different modules is an enhanced feature of our DMS. The advent of DMS is a milestone in this era of knowledge and information, where information handling becomes a potential challenge. It is maintained and organized in 15 different languages. The content from different location of the firms is organized into a single database with the facility of multi user. It’s a web based tool, which can be viewed even through the mobile android device. We offer you a complete product, with our constant insight to enhance your success. We embrace technology with our stealth in the pursuit of excellence through our DMS, which is scalable and tailor made to suit your needs.