eQERP is an integrated business process management software. We partner with you to provide cutting-edge industrial solutions through ERP.  With our talented pool of resources, we forecast and provide you solutions which remain un-parallel in the industry. We optimize your industry specific needs, and customize the modules which best fit your needs that breaks the barriers of computing, integrating, monitoring and managing. Choose from the list of modules with a well-defined structure and configuration methodologies, which are most essential to fit your organizational needs, which brings value to each and every area it caters. We break the idea that “ERP solutions are expensive, time consuming and difficult to customize, and offer a break-through process of streamlining the organizational needs. We cater various industries and organizations which require large dedicated teams to customize and manage data for larger firms, to small lightweight software for small sized organization. Firms which have adhered to ERP with us have reaped maximum benefits through our affordable, comprehensive and tested results. They quality, visibility and the decision making of their organization have attained a soaring growth through the collaborative operations. The strategic and operational decisions gained through ERP, leverage a faster, secure and sustainable environment for the firm. 

eQERP - Business Process Management Software - ERP