eQHRMS is a complete human resource(HR) and payroll system, and the versatile accounting needs are catered by this module, which keeps the track of various data pertaining to the employees’ personnel records, time, attendance, shifts, leaves, performance tracking and payroll management. Biometric devices are incorporated to calculate accurate in-time and out-time. The thumb impression replaces the smart card, which eliminates a lot of ambiguity. The process of buddy-punching is totally eliminated with the advent of biometric system. eQHRMS totally reduces manual task and complicated calculations. This module can be used across large, medium and startup firm. The automation helps reduce a large amount of cumbersome process, which in turn decreases risk and ensures compliance. Customization on this module helps the firm to reap their accurate needs and specifications. Report generation has now become an easy task, where the module allows the users to generate customized reports based on the data available in the module. Generating and maintaining various forms for the employees like PF form, pension form, claims, and benefits are also the notable features of this module.

eQHRMS - Human resource(HR)and payroll system