Key aspects

  • Citizen can communicate directly with corporation to resolve their grievance related to corporation departments.
  • Citizen can request sapling, post their plogging activities and view other plogging activities posted by admin.
  • Citizen can find the nearby location from the app. User will get the map navigation from the source to destination location.
  • Citizen can log their complaints, view and provide feedback for the complaints.
  • User can request for the debris removal and garden waste through app.
  • Citizen can also register for volunteer services.
  • Corporation encourage home composite, so citizen will post their home composite activities in the app.
  • Citizen will get the latest news and events in the cities.
  • The app will be bilingual used in Tamil and English.


  • We can involve the citizen also to make the city clean and green.
  • Corporation can easily identify the problem happens in the city by using the complaints filled by the citizen.
  • Corporation can get sapling requests from the citizen and make the city clean.
  • Corporation will encourage citizen to do plogging and home composite.
  • Citizen will get the latest news and events of the corporation.
  • Corporation can have a member for volunteers services who are registered in the app for volunteers.
  • Citizens can easily reach outs the corporation through app for queries and helplines.
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