About eQuadriga


December 1

Pioneer software company in Trichy, India

A Leading software outsourcing & offshore development company to cater Klett Group, Stuttgart, Germany.
December 1

Became GFT’s offshore development center

Acquired by GFT technologies, Germany.
December 1

Aimed to reach new horizons in IT industry

eQuadriga became independent.
June 16

Moving ahead to reach our new milestones

eQuadriga started in Germany.

A Quadriga is the Latin word for carriage or chariot drawn by four horses. Quadrigas were emblems of triumph, Victory or Fame, but what really thrives us at eQuadriga are our four horses, standing for Mobile App Development, Web Development, CRM, and Products. This is how eQuadriga presents itself to the outside world, but if you look more closely you will find a company like a big family. A Family that is like a compass that Guides us as a Team and gives us the Inspiration to reach great heights.

We originated as an Offshore Development center for the Klett Group in Stuttgart, Germany. In 2003, we were acquired by GFT Technologies, Germany and became their offshore development centre. In 2008, eQuadriga became independent to reach new horizons in technology and software development and with great pride, we were able to open our first office in Germany in 2018.

Now, eQuadriga is an IT company, which is located in Trichy, India and has branches in Bangalore, India and Hannover, Germany. As a pioneer in the IT industry we are providing high quality IT solutions and provide clients with innovative, high-quality projects and products. Always with the knowledge that a thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue but also the parent of all other virtues, our developers will constantly give their best and develop and provide on time, zero defect high quality IT solutions in web, mobile and CRM domains.

eQuadriga gives you the Excess you need to grow. We always find answers to your Questions to become your USP. Always by your side, our Developers will take your Requirements and turn them into Innovations. Great work is our approach to become todays partner and your future Advantage.

(contains quotes by Brad Henry and CICERO)

eQuadriga’s Vision

Our vision is to be the most preferred destination to provide, ultimate solutions, in the IT industry for design, development and maintenance of projects and products.

eQuadriga’s Mission

We always want to exceed the expectation of our customers across various firms and industries.
We try constantly to provide a long-term customer relationship.
We encourage and motivate our employees to build a highly energetic working environment.

eQuadriga’s Values

We value our organization, with the top priority of creating a positive environment for our partners, customers and employees.
We offer equal opportunities in all areas and believe in the parity of gender, caste, faith and nationality.
We promote the competence and dynamism of our employees.