Amman TRY

An easy to handle website on the basis of and HTML5/ CCS3/jQuery and Php, together with the CMS WordPress was given to our client Amman TRY.

Technology Used: WordPress

Client: Amman Try Pvt.Ltd, India.



  • Most of the content pages can easily be edited by the company, like the depiction of Amman TRY products like Billets, TRY, CRS and RMS, the Explanation about the group of companies, Board of directors and the clients are available. As well as images of the quality products.
  • To make easier for clients to find a dealer’s location we included a function in which the client only has to type in its location and the nearest dealer’s location and addresses will be shown along with other close locations nearby in a Map.
  • Another function is the careers option, people interested in working for Amman TRY one can apply for a job directly on the website.
  • For more information please visit:

Technical Details: WordPress, MySQL, HTML5,CSS3,Jquery, Php, Apache web server

Amman TRY

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