BI “Business Intelligence”, is a smarter way to show the data where every organization strives to leverage on for better decisionmaking and performing functions in a cost-effective and actionable manner.
eQuadriga has taken this challenge head-on by combining its expertise in BI with proprietary data management frameworks from Microsoft and industry specific data-models to simplify and improve the speed of data-driven decision-making for organisations of different types, sizes and industries.


We are one of the fastest growing BI & Analytics companies working with Microsoft BI tools and have rich experience in delivering Data Management and Reporting Solutions to several leading Companies in Europe. Our clients have benefited by using our intuitive & user-friendly dashboards as well as our ad-hoc reporting solutions resulting in rich insights and a lower total cost of ownership.

eQuadriga does the functional implementation of BI system attributes specifically in Microsoft technologies,

1. Reporting

2. Online analytical processing

3. Analysis Reporting and Dashboarding

4. Data mining

5. Process mining

6. Complex event processing

7. Business performance management

8. Benchmarking

9. Text mining

10. Predictive analytics

11. Prescriptive analytics