Basically, Customer Relationship Management is an Information system that can be used to plan, schedule and control the Sales/Marketing/Service activities in an organization. The CRM Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can also be considered as both a business strategy and information system, which will increase the Overall effectiveness of the Company when we implement the strategy.

The focus of CRM is to digitalize the sales or Marketing processes and to automate the tasks and thereby to improve the efficiency and efficacy of customer relationship management. It also helps organizations not only to streamline the processes, but to build customer relationships, increase sales, improve customer service, and increase profitability. Enterprises gain out of the latest information technology achievements also developing their long-term relationships with the customer.

For CRM to succeed in an Organisation, first develop your CRM strategy, and then choose the best technology to support it. It also aims to provide more effective feedback and improved integration to better gauge the return on investment (ROI) in all the areas of the Organisation.

The main experience and goal of eQuadriga group is based on the implementation of Dynamic CRM 365 for the different domain-specific European customers.

Automation of the process aligning with the Business objectives are the main scope of the eQuadriga Business strategy. Sales process automation and the Resourcing business sales automation has helped the Customers to leverage to the next level in the Business ROI.

Solutions : eQuadriga : Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Migration of existing Business process in Legacy system and Data from Oracle DB to MS CRM with SharePoint and SQL Server. Our CRM Implementation is identified by Microsoft as one of the largest volume of data in Germany.[Approx.. 6.5 GB of data to CRM and SharePoint.

Silent Migration without affecting daily business operations. Non-stop automated process of data migration in 2 cycles each of 48 hours.

Integration on Jobs posting to 6 European Job portals and Twitter. Implemented Centralized CV application emails processing from various Job boards with tracking and forwarding.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is also closely linked with the Microsoft Office system. The integration of the CRM software in a familiar working environment ensures swift familiarization, high levels of acceptance and high productivity.

Entire workflows—from a new customer enquiry through to the sale and customer service—can be mapped flexibly, with extensive reporting and control functionalities.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is operated directly from Microsoft Outlook, so that your employees in Marketing, Sales and Service do not have to switch between business applications.

Create various reports to cover all KPI’s of business and track the activities and performance of Sales and delivery teams. All Reports are integrated with SharePoint and Dynamics CRM. Evaluate the ROI for all Job boards using Quarterly reports.