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eQ-HRMS is a cloud hosted/local hosted HR system.

Easy-to-use and cost-efficient for small and medium businesses to manage essential employee information in a centralized software platform. 

The workflow covers

  • Employee information system
  • Attendance management
  • Shift management
  • Leave management
  • Payroll management
  • Government regulations


eQ-ERP suite is a comprehensive, modular software product.

The workflow covers manufacturing/production, quality control, material management, accounting and sales.

The product extensions address the custom needs of integration with market available accounting packages.

Provides a range of flexible workflow modules, connectors and integrators to meet the specific needs of the customer. It is a well-established product in the local market with multiple client installations serving manufacturing business.


A step towards creating a smarter cities envisioned to support city governments with next-gen technologies.

Our smart solutions help give better administration and act as a tool to communicate with citizens and resolve the problems in a rapid manner.

The smart city suite of solutions includes

  • city waste management solution through QR code-based collection points,
  • biometric based smart phone app for attendance etc.

eQ-Smart City Solutions

We have delivered a host of health care solutions in web and mobile technologies for leading healthcare service providers.

Solutions includes Hospital management applications for OHC (Occupational health center), Digital health wallet mobile app, medical wearable technology integration with a mobile app. in iOS and android.

Our deep expertise in developing custom health care solutions in the latest development platforms will be a big asset for your competitive go-to- market plans.



eQ -Health Care Solutions

Billing software suite caters to a wide range of industries such as restaurants, pharmacies, canteens, bakery houses.

The workflow is designed to handle billing, sales administration and invoicing customers for services and products as well.

The software works on a wide range of point-of-sale POS devices.

 eQ Billing System

Sales management product is a web- based software for planning, organizing, analyzing, tracking and forecasting your organization sales data.

The workflow connects the field sales personnel spread across various locations and corporate sales organization through a combination of mobile app + web application platform.

The sales data and reports inter- connects the entire organizational sales information through cloud hosted server.

Customizable and available as cross platform mobile frontend app in android/iOS devices.

eQ – Sales Manager

A Document management system for all business domain and to upload, manage & store various documents.

Alerts will send SMS to the preferred mobile number in order to remind the person on expiry of respective documents.

Powerful access control feature is provided can manage between admin and non-admin users.

eQ Document Management

The Ordering app enables your customers to order products from your website with an option of pick up/delivery of products.

It has an integrated Google Maps, order status view and much more. Fulfillment options will match what your business offers, whether that’s pickup, curbside, or your own delivery service.

Ideal way to boost your business revenue by going online and reaching more customers

eQ – Online OrderingSystem

OHC solution is for managing the medical center operations located at Factories / manufacturing units to attend to employee’s medical needs.

The solution is built with niche features to deliver end-to-end digital transformation of entire of entire OHC operations.

The digital transformation of OHC administration can standardize data capture, streamline the management of health-related activities and centralize occupational health data.

eQ-OHC Management Solution